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"Coaching is all about helping athletes achieve their dreams." (Frank Reynolds)

Supervision in training

Strength and conditioning for performance-oriented athletes.

One-on-one coaching and full support for small groups and sport teams considering athleticism and coordinative requirements, perfectly adopted to the needs of a specific sport.

Performance enhancement and injury prevention in youth, amateur and professional sports.

Individual athletes

Common planning of goals and the training process, exercise testing and coaching during workouts and competition.

Sport teams

Strength and conditioning work adequately balanced with the sport-specific training, season-oriented guideline development for the whole team and adaption of the workouts to the individual athletes.

Qualification and experience

Sport Scientist (BSc, University of Innsbruck).

Certified Trainer (BSPA Innsbruck).

Instructor for athleticism, fitness and coordination (BSPA Innsbruck, Olympiazentrum Vorarlberg),

Special course in barbell Training with Martin Zawieja.

Trainer/supervisor for sport with adults (ASKÖ Innsbruck);

Perennial collaboration at easyfit-med Völs (health-oriented),

Coaching track and field team of Turnerschaft Innsbruck (youth). For some time also coached skeleton team Innsbruck (youth),

Collaborations with Nachwuchsleistungssport Tirol.

Coaching various individual athletes of different levels of ability.

Contact information

Felix Pik, BSc
Phone: +43 (0)680 / 40 41 407
E-Mail: felix@pikperformance.com
Instagram: @pikperformance

Personal training

For personal coaching or support for your sport team please contact me (see above).

Strength and conditioning only (strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination) - no sport-specific technique development.

Individual appointment required.

Location depending on the demands - usually somewhere around Innsbruck. Main training location around the Tivoli stadium.

Fee €60,- per hour.